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Rangechem is a pharmaceutical company founded in 1999 to address the gap between drug importers, manufacturers, medical institutions, and consumers. It imports and distributes quality pharmaceutical products, including branded, generic, and surgical items. Rangechem operates as a profit-making company limited by shares, with a focus on providing high-quality pharmaceuticals to the market.

The manufactures and the drug importers have stringent trading conditions of the minimum value and quantity to be ordered. This is further compounded by the fact that they have a limited variety of the drugs that they sell in the market.

Rangechem’s primary market consists of four segments: government entities such as the Ministry of Health and public hospitals, private hospitals, non-governmental organizations involved in humanitarian efforts, and pharmacies and chemists nationwide. Rangechem aims to serve as a comprehensive supplier by procuring a diverse range of pharmaceuticals in bulk from various manufacturers and importers. This approach allows Rangechem to offer its clients a wide variety of drugs at affordable prices, as they benefit from bulk purchasing and breaking down the quantities for resale.

Rangechem targets four main sectors in its market: government entities via the Ministry of Health and public hospitals, private hospitals, non-governmental organizations involved in humanitarian efforts, and pharmacies and chemists nationwide. The company’s core objective is to offer a comprehensive solution to its clients by procuring pharmaceuticals in bulk from various manufacturers and importers. Through this approach, Rangechem leverages its diverse inventory, large volumes, and financial advantages to purchase and break down drugs into smaller quantities, allowing clients to affordably purchase the volumes they need.

Rangechem’s business model is anchored in two portfolios namely retail and wholesale. Under this model, the company targets corporate clients and individuals using its network of retail outlets that are strategically located across the country to actualize its purpose. Nairobi County hosts Rangechem headquarters in Rangechem Towers Kangemi. In the same region there are outlets in Development House, Buruburu and Uthiru. In Rift- valley, Rangechem has three outlets located at the heart of Rongai town. In Nyeri County it has two outlets and finally in the coast region, the company operates two outlets in Mombasa Central Business district. This network ensures that the company is able to serve all its clients across the country with unsurpassed excellence. Rangechem has future plans to operate in East and Central Africa first before targeting the rest of Africa. In order to achieve its mission and vision, RANGECHEM has identified as a strategy the need to establish an effective organisational structure; improve and widen her market by building the capacity for her staff; implement strategies for long term marketing penetration by diversifying both her product and market to ensure sustainability of the firm; and also to improve the working relationship with government, NGOs, the hospitals, the pharmacists and other stakeholders.

Rangechem Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has been recognised among the Top 100 Mid-Sized Companies in Kenya for the last 2 years.

Vision, Mission, Goals and Core Values


To provide excellent services and products in the pharmaceutical industry in the East and Central African Region.


Provide healthcare solutions to our institutional, wholesale and retail clients through partnerships and responsive strategies to the market.


Rangechem’s goal is to become the health product distributor of choice by the government, NGOs’, Hospitals and Pharmacist. This will be achieved by continuously conducting market research that will identify value-adding products. Towards this end, Rangechem has structured herself both internally and externally by, developing linkages and networking and has come up with strategies relevant to the achievement of the overall goal.

Core Values

The values provide the basis for operations, and relationships with customers, complimenting partners and other stakeholders. These values influence the activities undertaken by Rangechem and her staff.

Rangechem values are:

Rangechem’s top management supports the development of the innovation environment and takes a keen interest in organizational learning and regeneration. Rangechem management believes that innovation is the key to solving current and future marketing challenges. They encourage ideas, creativity and individual entrepreneurship at all levels. They actively promote the use of the new opportunities and alternatives made possible by new technologies in decision-making. Rangechem has a deep understanding and a strong future vision of the innovation environment. This vision is formed in close and open interaction with the main health customers and manufactures; importers and other stakeholders.

Rangechem maintains high professional standards in all her undertaking. To this end all her jobs and negotiations are done above board and are guided by the best practices in the business. Any situation that may provide a conflict of interest is therefore avoided and future dealings guided by the arms length principal.

Rangechem believes in the dictum that “honesty is the best policy”. It upholds this policy with all their customers and suppliers and the relationships it establishes. Rangechem strives to earn customers and suppliers appreciation through it’s above the board dealing, confidential and responsive approach. Mutual trust among the management, staff and her collaborating partners, be they customers, suppliers, regulators or any other party is the foundation of all Rangechem operations and partnerships.

The management of Rangechem believes that human beings are the most important resource at their disposal, and are therefore treated with respect at all times. A conducive, happy and fulfilling work environment has been created for all the staff, and they are able to exercise their gifts and skills in order to achieve Rangechem’s objectives.

Rangechem focuses on providing a positive customer experience both at the point of sale and after the sale in order to drive profit and gain competitive advantage. The Management of Rangechem Believes that the Customer is king and so he should be treated.

Corporate Insurance Business

Owing to Rangechem’s excellence in service, infrastructure, HR capacity and high quality of medical products, reputable insurance companies have partnered with us as an approved medical service provider. Currently Rangechem serves hundreds of medical insurance schemes members under Resolution Health, UAP and Real Insurance with plans to even serve more by partnering with other Medical insurance companies

Owing to our exceptional service to pharmaceutical firms outside Nairobi and the speed and reliable service delivery, we have had fast growth which we attribute to clients good image of Rangechem. The large firms notice our consistent low price and quality products and service and we reckon this public image of our company has kept Rangechem top in the market.

  We have a competitive edge over other pharmaceutical firms because of:

  • A unique product unavailable elsewhere
  • An intimate knowledge of pharmaceutical industry in Kenya.
  • Speed and reliability of service delivery, quality goods, low prices, good reputation and good contacts among public sector agencies.
  • Excellent relationship with our clients.


Rangechem has realized the population migration is no longer to large cities as it is to smaller towns. It is in those areas where the company is making chemists operators more efficient and effective. We have special interest with agribusiness and other manufacturing firms interested in running health care services because our systems improve their service delivery and corporate image.


The most significant growth is in clients who come back demanding our services.

RANGECHEM managed to scoop number 53 in TOP 100 companies in 2010.

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Customer Centricity

We offer the best in quality thanks to our international and local partners in the pharmaceutical and logistics industry

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